Catching Fire: Seeds of Rebellion Review

Unless you have been living under a rock so far, you must be familiar with the Hunger Games movies. Or the book, or the existence of the entire franchise, for that matter. But have you heard about the Catching Fire: Seeds of Rebellion board game that is related to the Hunger Games? This is the

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most recent game release of the franchise, but it differentiates from all the rest due to the fact it does not display any artwork from the movie.


Catching Fire Relies On The Hunger Games Books

As opposed to the majority of similar board games you might be used to that draw their inspiration out of Hollywood movies, the Caching Fire: Seed of Rebellion has chosen the books instead. Katniss or Peeta and the entire Hunger Games ideas have been completely cut off from the board game. So expect to discover a fascinating game revolving around the rebellion that characterized the entire story in both saga installments. You will play the role of a rebel leader who is going to try to a secret Panem base. You will receive missions throughout the 12 districts and be asked to collect medicine, information, food, people, or fuel. If you are planning on going on a special type of a mission searching for the résultats de la loterie de NY, visit the LotteryMaster site. Once you will manage to get all the resources necessary for a specific mission, you will manage to complete it and gain your rebellion points accordingly.

The more resources you are asked to collect, the more points you will receive. The player with the largest number of points will win the mission. Peacekeepers can be sent to different districts in order to boost the number of resources needed to complete missions occurring nearby. The completion of a mission automatically triggers a new one that must be drawn from the sack.


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