ASCEND: Hand of Kul and its Fate

ASCEND: Hand of Kul and its Fate

Free & Fair

One of the best features of Ascend was that it was a F2P video game where you didn’t have to pay for anything you didn’t want to. Lots of veteran players are of the opinion that Ascend: Hand of Kul is the best free-to-play game to exist. There are plenty of other ways of procuring the objects anyway. If you keep playing, you’ll discover a lot of different methods for doing similar things which puts the game a notch above its competitors. Despite being free, it’s nothing like Farmville or any other free Facebook game. If anything, Ascend is a lot like Dark Souls in its nature. In addition to that, you could play as long and as far as you like without paying a single cent.

Multiplayer Awesomeness

As you probably already know high quality multiplayer videogames that are free to download and play are extremely rare. Ascend fits this mold perfectly. The in-game communication system is really interesting and lets you engage with the other players fairly easily. To avoid spoilers we won’t tell you exactly how you can do it, but we can tell you that it’s pretty cool and unique.

Why it Should Get Picked up Again

How many multiplayer games out there can be downloaded, streamed and installed for free? If you’re someone who knows video games well, you’ll probably know the answer is hardly any. If you’re looking for quality, you’ll end up shortening the list to half of what it was before. Ascend falls within this category. From November 18th, 2014, Ascend’s server will be closed down and we won’t be able to play it anymore. Yeah, the game isn’t perfect but it has loads of features free-to-play games rarely ever have:

  • Multiplayer
  • RPG
  • Creative interaction
  • Currency in souls



Letting this game go will be a shame. We firmly believe Xbox and Microsoft should pick it up again and continue to make good on this great game. While it is still out there, we suggest playing it as soon as you can because it simply shouldn’t be missed.

Ascend, like many good video games, can become mentally taxing. You need to strategize, interact and play

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