Khans of Tarkir Limited Set Review

For those of you passionate Khans of Tarkir fans out there, these next few liens are going to focus on some of the most interesting limited set cards and their main features. 

The Deflecting Hand

It makes for a good card, but the writing on it might be considered a little too good to be true. It can help you escape a 4 damage and also cause 4 damage to your opponent; this is not something that you might want to experience during every game you play, so treat it carefully. You will not gain a great deal of advantage over opponents within a game where card advantages matters; however, the card will bring about some nice prowess; it is recommended to play the Deflecting Hand card in tempo decks which basically focus on racing.


The Efreet Weaponmaster Card

This card is harder to obtain from decent morphs, but the blowouts it can trigger are well worth it. If you are thinking about trying your luck and fighting against Jeskai, the

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Efreet Weaponmaster card is the one you need. It has the power to change the pace of a battle in a significant way whenever there are several creatures involved in it. The card might be considered a little expensive, so you might want to focus your attention on some different cards instead. For those of you who are also interested in lottery games online, we recommend you go to the website pages of thetoplotto.

The Jeskai Ascendancy Card

This card is excellent because it is a special type of a card that gets better and better as time passes by; this means that the Jeskai Ascendancy card will also aid you and your team during tougher attacks on behalf of your opponents. The card however focuses on many spells, so you will need to focus your attention on gathering at least 8 different spells before you strat taking advantage of the card.    


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