Simulation Games

Simulation games all have one thing in common: they’re all supposed to imitate a genuine circumstance or event, whether actual or imaginary.

Simulation of construction and management

SimCity is the world’s most popular building and management simulation. The game mimics the construction and administration of a city, including street layout, zoning, and taxation of city inhabitants.

Simulation of real life

The Sims is one of the best-selling video games and the most popular life simulation game. In The Sims, users manage the individual parts of artificial life, similar to SimCity (also developed by Will Wright). Players may influence a character’s genetics or ecology in simulations, and the player may even have control over the character’s behavior to a certain event.

Virtual pet games such as Nintendogs and Tamagotchi are considered part of the pet-raising simulators subgenre of this category. As a result, The Sims is classified as a social simulation, and the life simulation genre encompasses both sorts of subgenres.

Finally, life simulations are frequently called “god games” since players have complete power over the characters and their environment.

Simulation of a vehicle

Because sales are evenly split between flying and racing simulations, ranking the most popular vehicle simulation games is challenging. Vehicle simulators attempt to replicate the sensations of flying an airplane, racing a vehicle, and, in certain circumstances, operating a farm tractor.

In the case of aviation simulators, vehicular simulations might include fighting. Space flight simulators and railway simulators are included in this category.